MLBD 2015


Given the exponential growth and availability of data collected from different resources, the ability to analyze these data has become an important challenge referred to as Big Data Analysis. Analyzing Big data usually requires powerful methods and tools since traditional ones are not suitable for processing large and heterogeneous amount of data.

In order to interchange experiences and to involve new issues of machine learning and Big Data analysis, the LARODEC laboratory organizes the first workshop on Machine Learning and Big Data (MLBD) which will be held at the FSEG Nabeul, University of Carthage, Tunis. Authors are invited to submit original work in all area of machine learning and Big Data which includes the following topics (non-exclusive list):

  • Big Data : Large Database Management; Search and Mining; Big Data Storage; Big Data Analysis; Big Data Representation and Visualization; Big Data Processing; Big Data Applications
  • Machine Learning and Data Analysis: Knowledge discovery; Data mining; Pattern recognition; Clustering; Classification;

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FSEG Nabeul, Tunisia


26 November 2015


LARODEC Laboratory

University of Carthage, FSEG Nabeul

Tunisian Management Scientific Society

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